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Meet Dorinda Bennett, Arc of Buncombe County's Treasurer


Dorinda's journey with The Arc is more than just professional; it's deeply personal. Her connection with the organization traces back to her family, where the legacy of service and compassion has been woven through generations.

"My connection with The Arc runs deep," Dorinda explains, her voice reflecting the warmth of her commitment. "It all started with my uncle, Jerry, who had intellectual and developmental disabilities. His story inspired my grandparents to help establish The Arc of Haywood County, laying the foundation for my family's involvement. My mother continued this legacy by serving on the board."

Her personal journey began around nine years ago when she joined The Arc of Buncombe County. Drawn by its stellar reputation in the community, she soon found herself stepping into the role of board treasurer, a position that felt like a natural fit given her background as a CPA.

"At first, my responsibilities were focused on navigating financial challenges during the organization's early stages. But as The Arc grew and secured more grants, my role evolved. Now, I'm deeply involved in the internal control structure, ensuring financial transparency and stability."

Beyond her professional contributions, Dorinda's heart lies in The Arc's Crisis Intervention Program, a lifeline for many in need. "It's where we make the most impact, especially during emergencies," she says with a hint of pride. "Whether it's helping with rent, utilities, groceries, or medications, we're there to provide support when it's needed the most."

Reflecting on poignant moments at The Arc, she adds, "Seeing the clients at events like our dances or spring flings, or hearing their stories at our annual meetings – those are the moments that truly touch my heart."

When asked about encouraging others to join the cause, her response is resolute yet compassionate. "Serving on the board, volunteering, or simply being a donor – it's all about giving back. For me, using my skills as a CPA to help those in need is incredibly fulfilling. The IDD community often goes unnoticed, but through The Arc, we can make a difference and feel connected to something greater. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to help people that really can't help themselves and are really in need because the population is often overlooked and it's just an excellent way being involved and feel connected with a cause.

In closing, Dorinda reflects on the collaborative spirit driving The Arc forward. "Together, with the support of our community, we can continue to expand our reach and amplify our mission of hope, growth, and change."

Dorinda Bennett's story is not just about professional expertise; it's a testament to the transformative power of compassion and dedication. As she continues to champion The Arc's cause, her impact reverberates far beyond the boardroom, touching the lives of those who need it most.

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