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Are You Experiencing Financial Hardship and in Need Assistance? The Arc of Buncombe County may be able to help.
CLICK HERE to Download a Form to Apply for Assistance.
Individuals with disabilities and their families have financial emergencies, as we all do, but they often have fewer resources to call upon when these times arise. Families or individuals may request financial assistance from The Arc of Buncombe County to help with rent or mortgage payments, utilities, groceries, medications, medically necessary equipment or procedures, heating oil, and clothing. These requests can be made directly, or they may be referred to us.


When someone with a confirmed intellectual or developmental disability requests emergency financial assistance, our Community Resource Specialist determines its cause, validity, and immediacy. The Resource Specialist then collaborates with other financial aid agencies to meet the need, usually within 24 hours. Monies are distributed directly to the vendors owed (i.e. landlord or utility company), rather than to the individuals themselves.


Follow up services are provided to individuals and families and their case managers to ensure that new financial crises are prevented wherever possible.


If the Community Resource Specialist determines that the crisis was due to an individual’s lack of adequate financial planning or income, an in-house financial counseling session is scheduled, and referrals are made to community programs such as On Track, Vocational Rehabilitation, or the Western Highlands Network.


The Arc of Buncombe County also offers financial assistance through our alternative respite funding, developmental summer camp scholarships, and Operation Santa.

Assistance to Individuals
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